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Have you played the Quantum Leap Money Game yet?
Even if you’ve played it before, you can still play it again!


This simple, online game with powerful potential is being played by people all over the world! In fact, more than 5,000 people from the U.S., Australia, Canada, the South Pacific, Europe, South Africa or anywhere in the world, can be playing at any one time.

Here’s what recent players have to say about this unique and exciting experience….

“I’m amazed! I just didn’t get “The Secret,” how you could “attract” something into your life. This money game showed me how it works. I know it is why I just inherited money from someone I hardly knew. Now I do “get” it, and I thank you for this delightful game.”

Angela P., Vancouver, B.C., Canada

“Playing this game made me stop worrying about not having a job, so I got happy, gave better interviews, then got a great new job!”

Raymond S., Red Bank, NJ, USA

“May I say that this is a very fine version of the money game, as I have played a few before this one. The creator has done a superb job of crafting each message to ensure that those who play will truly shift their perception regarding money. Indeed, I do feel more abundance flowing into my life.”

Ravi N. D., Palo Alto, CA, USA

Please register below, and have fun!


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How to Play the


“You ought to be rich. You have no right to be poor. To live and not be rich is a misfortune. And, it is doubly a misfortune because you could have been rich just as well as being poor.”

Dr. Russell Conwell in “Acres of Diamonds”

This idea is not new. A Baptist minister, Dr. Russell Conwell became famous because of one lecture called “Acres of Diamonds,” which he gave all over the United States….some 100 years ago. He made between $8 - 12 Million as he traveled about giving that one lecture….and, he used that money to found Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His intention was to break down people’s sense of guilt about becoming prosperous.

Like the “Acres of Diamonds” lecture, the Quantum Leap Money Game is SIMPLE but POWERFUL! It can empower you to open your body, mind and spirit to the Unlimited Abundance that is available to everyone, everywhere--- including YOU!

“Simplicity is the keynote of success in any endeavor.”

Og Mandino, The Greatest Secret in the World

But, in the Year 2010 we are experiencing a Worldwide Money Crisis….what in the world are we doing playing a money game?

Isn’t it time to do something differently? Haven’t you struggled all your life to do everything ‘right,’ to gain whatever you have, only to find yourself in a situation that you have no control over….that is draining much of your wealth away?

If you are like most people, you have experienced money as years and years of struggle, interspersed by a few occasions of good fortune.

Yet, you have friends who always have “enough to share and to spare,” or who are wealthy beyond imagination! Even in this time of crisis.

What are you doing wrong? How can you change your experience and get money flowing to you easily, without all the struggle?

Esther and Jerry Hicks of Abraham-Hicks, originated the Prosperity Game to teach a much easier way to create wealth in your life rather than just by working and doing all the time. Australian Prosperity Mentor, Sandy Forster, of Wildly Wealthy gives a similar message with her Millionaire Money Game. There are several of us using fun money games to reach everyone we possibly can, in order to share this phenomenal message: how you THINK and FEEL about money is what causes you to have it---or, not have it---in your life.

Now, it really is that simple, and it is all you need to know in order to play the Quantum Leap Money Game. However, I know that some of you need more of an explanation, so, consider this:

What I’ve found from my 25 years in business and 15 years of coaching on several continents, is that there are just three things you need to know:
1. how the world really works;
2. two key emotions; and
3. the three Universal Laws

1. How the World Works

- everything is energy: with the ground-breaking Theory of Relativity formula E=MC2, physicist Albert Einstein showed that energy and matter can be transformed back and forth into each other; Energy = Mass x the Speed of Light squared; that revelation transformed scientists from the limits of Sir Isaac Newton’s mechanistic explanation of the world into quantum physics; the smallest possible particles that could be found were squirelly little packets of energy that scientists named “quanta.”

Everything around us is made up of molecules, that are composed of atoms, which are made of protons and electrons, which are made of “quanta”….tiny packets of energy that are constantly vibrating. Therefore, everything (the table, computer, your body, etc.) is not really solid as we perceive, but is constantly vibrating; thus, there is no separation between matter and energy!

- thoughts create things: when the boundaries between matter and energy dissolved, they also disappeared between the physical world and our thoughts. Ancient texts have told us many of these things, but Modern Man needed scientific proof. So, subsequent experiments in the 1940’s showed that blood cells taken from a man and put into a test tube, that was then moved many miles away, would still show a reaction when the man was shown pictures that caused him to react with strong emotions. Quantum physics used the term “entanglement” to describe how the particles of the man’s body were still “connected” to him even though they were physically separated by a great distance. This instantaneous connection, was dubbed “nonlocality,” even though Einstein had once called this “spooky action at a distance!” In the 1950’s, Danish physicist Werner Heisenberg discovered that the mere act of observation caused subatomic particles to take on specific characteristics (the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle). Further tests made at a temperature of absolute zero, when all known forms of energy vanish (some called it the zero-point field), showed that the field that was beyond energy, but it still wasn’t empty space, so, was described as a “field of information.”

The bottom line here is that everything in the physical world is made out of atoms; atoms are made out of energy, and Energy is made out of consciousness. Thus, your thoughts create matter.

2. The Two Key Emotions

Love and Appreciation - these two emotions vibrate with the same frequency as the Law of Attraction (Abraham-Hicks); when you feel “good,” when you appreciate everything around you--- from the electricity and water that come to your home to the money and desires that flow to you, to the people around you --- then you turn yourself into a “magnet” that will attract the other good things that you want and desire.
When you release the ‘blocking emotions’ of fear, hatred, envy, bitterness, resentment, unworthiness, and even feeling overwhelmed, and replace them with Love and Appreciation, then you again turn yourself into a magnet for all the good you want and desire.

3. The Three Universal Laws

1) Law of Attraction - like attracts like; you get what you think about; Catherine Ponder in Open Your Mind to Prosperity says that “you are only trying to open your mind to receive your heritage of abundance bequeathed to you from the beginning;” if you feel discouraged about your financial situation, it cannot improve; but, you only need to feel ‘one thought better,’ in order to start attracting your good to you. Instead of feeling ‘discouraged,’ you might feel ‘determined,’ then feel ‘encouraged;’ then another thought, feel ‘hopeful,’ then, another thought…climb the ladder of positive emotions rather than trying to move suddenly from a negative emotion to a very positive one, because the vibrational distance is too great to span all at once. “A gradual movement in the direction of feeling better is all that is necessary….” (Esther and Jerry Hicks, The Astonishing Power of Emotions)

2) Law of Allowing - “most people with financial problems have a psychological block about prosperity” (Catherine Ponder, Open Your Mind to Prosperity); we often ask for something and then stop it from coming to us by thinking, “oh, it’s too expensive, I can’t afford that, I don’t really need that;” what we need to do is to balance our energy; then, to affirm, “I deserve that,” and allow the good to flow to us; and, we need to allow our wants to manifest; “…the Law of Allowing is really where all of your personal power lies.” (Esther and Jerry Hicks, The Astonishing Power of Emotions).

3) Law of Deliberate Intent - “most humans are only utilizing less than 1% of their true potential….99% of their potential to be, do or have remains forever untapped during their complete lifetime.” (Esther and Jerry Hicks, The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent); what you say you want and what you really believe about it can be vastly different; so, it is essential to get what you want and what you believe on the same vibration; because money is energy, if you say you want to pay off your debts, but your belief is that ‘debt is strangling you,’ then the want and the belief are not on the same vibration; when you say you want to pay off your debts because it will give you financial balance, then the vibrations are more compatible, and you will achieve what you intend.


What is the Quantum Leap Money Game all about?

It’s about relaxing and having fun, in order to discover a powerful new way to bring money into your life!

  • The goal of the Quantum Leap Money Game is to expand your consciousness around money. Through the game you will discover the joy of not only receiving money, but also of spending it.
  • MONEY IS ENERGY, just like everything else in the Universe. It needs to circulate in and out of your life freely. The more freely it flows out, the more freely it will flow back in!
  • You will discover during the course of the game how to increase that flow of abundance easily and effortlessly.
  • You will learn how to expand your financial comfort zone and relieve your tension regarding money. Then, you will deliberately send out harmonious energy vibrations to attract prosperity, abundance, and lots of money.

Enjoy the experience! You’re going to have fun! That’s what the Quantum Leap Money Game is all about.

“Your consciousness influences others around you.

It influences material properties.

It influences your future.

You are co-creating your future.”

William Tiller, Ph.D. quoted in What the Bleep do we Know?


How do you Play the Quantum Leap Money Game?

First you register on the home page…it’s FREE;
then you will receive a series of email messages depositing ‘virtual money’ into your ‘virtual bank account;’
just follow the 2 simple instructions in each letter;
get a folder or a 3-ring binder to keep all your letters in;
the game will be played over a 6-week period.

During those 6 weeks, you will learn how to feel the emotions which unleash the Law of Attraction; you will think about actions you deliberately want to take, but may have always been afraid to take.

You will re-set your ‘Wealth Point,’ which is your ceiling or comfort zone around money. What is your ceiling about money? How much do you expect to make this month? This year? Or, do you have a comfort zone around how much you ‘should’ make….what you think you ‘deserve?’

You may have seen a flea circus where fleas are put into a jar; they jump up and hit the lid a few times; then, the lid is removed---they could jump right out---but, they have learned that there is a ceiling that limits how high they can jump!

And, you have heard the stories of people who win the Lottery, yet wind up broke after a few years. They returned to the amount of money and the lifestyle that they were ‘comfortable’ with.

On the other end of the scale is the wealthy person who loses all their money, only to make all of it back, and make even more! Why is that? Because they have expanded their ‘comfort zone!’ They feel it will be even easier to do it a second or third time because they learned valuable lessons, and they learned how to think BIGGER. So, they easily make even more money!

In the Quantum Leap Money Game you will also discover how to feel fabulous and deserving. These feelings will help you to break through the financial barriers that are holding you back from all you deserve!

Most people find that they can re-set their habits or emotions in about 30 days. Yet, they spend only 10-15 minutes a day playing the Quantum Leap Money Game!

But, your success will depend on two things: first you must CHOOSE Prosperity; then, you must PRACTICE building it by faithfully taking the two simple actions that are asked for in each letter you receive.

“Prosperity is a state of grace, abundance and well-being that is completely within your grasp. It is your right and duty to be happy and wealthy, but you must choose it.”

Kelly Howell, The Secret to Attracting Wealth


Once your prosperity starts flowing in, please tell us about it…..send your stories to info@QuantumLeapMoneyGame.com!

And, you are welcome to invite your friends and family to play, too. Just click on the “share this” tab at the top of any page.

Money FAQ’s

1. How many people can play at a time?

As many as 5,000 people can play at one time….from anywhere in the world. We welcome all of you! Whether you know anyone else who is playing or not, a huge synergy will be created with so many people thinking thoughts of prosperity all in the same 24-hour period, and we will unleash the power of group energy to create even more prosperity and abundance!

2. Do I have to do anything in addition to reading my letters?

Yes, follow the 2 instructions in each letter: spend the money and write down your feelings. Right now, start looking around for things to spend your money on! Find things that thrill your heart and soul! Look in catalogs, magazines, stores, and on the internet. Make a list of 50 things right now. You won’t believe how much lovely ‘money’ you are going to receive!

3. How long do I have to spend the ‘money?’

If you will faithfully spend it within 24-48 hours of getting your letter, you will strongly build your desire, re-set your ‘Wealth Point’ and help to fuse your desire with a sense of fulfillment. But, if you should miss a day, just relax and catch up as soon as you can.

4. Are there other games like this?

Yes. The Prosperity Game concept originated with Abraham-Hicks (see www.Abraham-Hicks.com), and Australian Prosperity Mentor, Sandy Forster of Wildly Wealthy, created another version called the Millionaire Money Game. Each of us adds our own personal creativity. On the Quantum Leap Money Game registration page, you will find a link to an optional audio program that can intensify your ability to attract wealth by reprogramming your mind while you meditate.

5. If I get too busy to keep up, can I stop the game and start at another time?

Yes. Just click on the link at the bottom of any letter to remove your name, and you will not receive any more letters. But, you will miss them….so, we hope that you will come back soon!

NOW, Click here to Register for the game and HAVE FUN!



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